Prophetess Mary Liabunya’s parody account misleads people with Driemo’s post


A parody Facebook account using Prophetess Mary Liabunya’s name has misled Malawians after posting about Driemo.

Prophetess Liabunya is the wife of Prophet Austin Liabunya, a controversial preacher who is popular among social media users.

While Prophetess Liabunya has a a Facebook Page, there is also a parody account using her name.

Yesterday, this parody page posted about trending r’n’b musician Driemo. The post linked Driemo to alleged supernatural activities.

“Let’s pray for Driemo. Wamanga kumutu zija ndi njoka ndaziona pansi pa nyanja (The braids in his new hairstyle are snakes which I saw in the deepest parts of the ocean),” says the post about the musician’s latest hairstyle.

Malawians have flocked to the comment section of the page to respond, with many believing that it’s the real Prophet Liabunya who has posted.

“Ayi zikomo Malawi we are blessed with Prophetesses,” one person.

Many have responded by asking the “prophetess” what she was doing at the deepest ends of the ocean.

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