Zomba DHO says the elderly deserve special medical care


Zomba District Council’s Director  of Health and  Social  Services, Dr. Alexander Chijuwa, has called on health workers to give elderly persons special attention  to ensure they receive quality care and treatment.

Dr.  Chijuwa made the call at Naisi Primary School ground  in Zomba where Malawi Network of Elderly Person’s Organisations (MANEPO) held advocacy campaign for the health rights of elderly persons.

He noted that other health workers fail to provide health care and treatment to the  elderly  persons due to lack of specialisation in caring and treating for  the elderly  persons.

“There are some health workers who were not adequately trained to care and treat elderly  persons,” said Chijuwa.

He also called on families to provide adequate  care for the elderly persons so that they should not be depressed and further called for community level development committees to allow elderly persons to participate in development activities and include them in safety nets progammes.

MANEPO executive director,  Andrew Kavala, also called for the government and organisations allow the elderly persons in development programmes saying the elderly  persons need to be included in all community level activities.

“MANEPO is raising awareness on the elderly persons’ rights to health care in Zomba and Mangochi districts, ” Kavala added.

He called on chiefs to formulate bylaws that should protect the elderly persons against witchcraft accusations.

Group Village head Makungula who represented the elderly  persons in turn called on government to repeal laws that should protect the elderly persons against all forms of abuse and violence plus witchcraft accusations which subjects them torture and deaths.

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