Toast comes through with visuals for “Correct”


By Roy Kafoteka

Coming in as his second official installment this year, and following the success of his previous single “Angels”, award-winning rapper Toast has finally released the much anticipated visuals for his new single “Correct”.

Speaking about the video, Toast said “Correct” was shot in 2021 and the audio was recorded in 2020.

Continuing with his relentless music journey and exploration of new sounds, Toast is set to dominate the summer with an alternative series of Caribbean fused Alternative Rap songs, diving more into his creativity as an artist and showing how versatile he can be when he is in his melodic bag.

Born Gomezgani Kambwiri, Toast has overtime popularly grown to become one of the most trendy head-hitters in the urban music industry. While having been well-known for his playful lyricism and flow, the rapper has the ability to mix in his verses with a bit of vernac and in the end still go out as he came in: with a catchy tune and heavy blow.

Unlike sticking to his original rap roots, Toast takes a new vibe as he floats on the song, serenading a love interest, expressing his commitment with her and their relationship as he sings “Umandipeza” on the chorus.

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