Ministry of Lands seeks to improve delivery of land administration services


Ministry of Lands is implementing
Land Information Management System (LIMS) to improve the efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery of land administration services to the general public and to ensure transparency and accountability in all land transactions.

The LIMS is being implemented with support from the World Bank under the Agricultural Commercialization Project (AGCOM) which is in the Ministry of Agriculture.

Minister of Lands Sam Kawale said the ministry is working hand in hand with the Ministry of Agriculture, in recognition of the fact that agriculture cannot be commercialized without addressing issues of land tenure and security.

“AGCOM, as a project, has therefore a component that deals with land tenure security. And one of the problems that hinders transparent transactions in land tenure security is lack of proper information flow and management.

“LIMS was therefore designed to improve on information management in the process of securing land tenure for project beneficiaries and other inherent information needs of the Ministry of Lands,” he said.

He went on to say that just like any other project, implementation of the LIMS has not been without challenges.

According to Kawale, the biggest challenge that the LIMS faced was related to Covid-19 restrictions in Malawi, South Africa, the United Kingdom and Kenya.

“These restrictions made it difficult for our consultants to travel to Malawi as planned. The restrictions also affected the procurement of some project materials,” he said.

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