Martse was killed, insists family


Exactly two months after hip hop icon Martse died due to burns, more revelations regarding his death are popping up.

In a recent development, his older brother Jerome Nkhata has revealed that Martse’s death is connected to some evil forces.

According to Jerome, his brother received a phone call from a spokesperson of an influential family to remain in Mangochi, where he faced fire burns  that led to his death.

He added that his younger brother experienced strange things on the night he got burned. One of those things is a headless snail  which was moving around his room then vanished later on.

As a matter of evidence, Jeromy has shared Martse’s last video  before his death. In the video the late award-winning rapper filmed the strange things which he experienced before getting burned.

Based on the evidence which the older brother has shared, the late Martse met his fate when the day was beckoning, contrary to reports that the incident happened when darkness was reigning.

However, the Malawi police established that the Mwano hit-makers’ death is connected to an illegal electricity connection at a Mangochi house. The illegal connection caused the fire which burned Martse.

According to a voice note Jerome shared, other people in the house got out and did not get burned but Martse went into one of the rooms after fire had already broken out and by the time he was rescued, he had already suffered burns.

Martse was taken to Mangochi District Hospital and was later referred to Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital where he died on 23 May.


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