Chamba cha mowa: Castel launches Kuchekuche


Castel has launched the rebranded Kuchekuche beer in Lilongwe. The new look Kuchekuche has been launched by the company’s convicted Ganja farming Managing Director  Herve Milhade

Speaking during the event today, Milhade said customers had been complaining that the previous look of the Kuchekuche bottle was not appealing hence the company decided to listen to its customers and create a new look.

According to Castel, the rebranding is part of celebrating 20 years of the Kuchekuche which was introduced on the market in 2002.

The event comes weeks after Milhade, 60, was fined K1 million for cultivating Indian Hemp (Chamba).

The fine came after the Castel boss and a woman were  arrested on 8 April this year at Milhade’s residence at Kabula Heights in Blantyre  where a total of 59 plants of the hemp were found.

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