Association wants Malawians to adopt renewable energy sources


Renewable Energy Industrial Association of Malawi (REIAMA) says there is need for many Malawians to be able to understand and adopt renewable energy sources.

The statement was made at a panel discussion that was conducted at Crossroads Hotel in Lilongwe by Civil Society Network on Climate Change (CISONECC) with funding from Oxfam on the Need for Adequate Financing to the Renewable Energy Sector in Malawi.

Speaking with reporters, REIAMA Executive Director Ron Kabvina asked government to put much effort by focusing on the children starting from childhood, primary and secondary schools so that people should know about renewable energy sources.

Kabvina added that on their part, they have been lobbying the government to make sure that it should removes Value Added Tax (VAT) on renewable energy resources so that the energy sources can be affordable to everyone especially those in the remote areas.

“We have been asking government to reduce VAT on Liquidified Petroleum Gas (LPG) so that it can be accessible to people. We are still engaging with government and we have been having one on one discussions with members of parliament so that at the time they are passing the Bill these issues should be considered,” he said.

He went on to say that it can be very important if those bringing renewable energy resources are from Malawi because transportation can be very affordable and the prices of the resources can be good.

On his part, Secretary General for Association of Environmental Journalist (AEJ) Charles Mkoka encouraged Malawians to use renewable energy resources such as Chitetezo Mbaula which is very affordable and can help to address the issue of cutting down of trees for charcoal use.

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