Blackouts in Malawi expected to worsen


Blackouts are expected to worsen as Electricity Generation Company (EGENCO) has announced that it will shut down Tedzani IV power station, removing 19.1 Megawatts from the grid.

The country is already experiencing 10 hours of power outage per day after EGENCO lost 78 Megawatts due to the cancellation of a deal with Aggreko.

EGENCO announced yesterday that the power station will be shut down for five days starting today up to Friday.

The power producer said it will fill generation gap with their diesel generators as well 10 megawatts from the recommissioned Tedzani II equipment which was undergoing rehabilitation works since December, 2021.

At Tedzani IV, floods pushed rock boulders into the water exit channel of the machine making it impossible for EGENCO to close the water channel when they want to dewater the channel.

The work will involve building an isolating wall around the mouth of the exit channel to create a dry working area to facilitate removal of the rock boulders.

According to EGENCO, the works are coinciding with one year anniversary of the machine’s commissioning and will give a chance to contractor and consultants of the Tedzani IV station project to conduct contractual machine inspection and warranty repairs.