Liabunya ‘warns’ Namadingo: You will become the first Malawian billionaire through music


As if signing a contract deal with Universal Music imprint is not obvious that he is on a path to becoming a billionaire, Prophet Austin Liabunya has “warned” the current Malawi music heavyweight, Namadingo, that God is about to make him a billionaire through music.

Liabunya first issued his warning on Saturday on his Facebook page after the fate of socialite Pemphero Mphande was established. A prophecy that Mphande had shared on Easter alleged that he would die last Friday. However, it was established on Saturday that the self-proclaimed “influencer” was still alive as some people on social media alleged that he made-up the prophecy to “remain relevant” and become a trending topic.

But Liabunya said Mphande’s prophecy was not about his demise but conversion to being a born again pastor. That, however, did not stop people from accusing Liabunya of being a fake prophet hunting for fame.

“Wabonabe”,Libya wrote on Facebook in reaction to the accusations and when it was established that Mphande was not dead as prophesied. However, the post came just after the controversial pastor had claimed to have a “warning prophecy” for Namadingo.

“I have a Prophetic Warning about [Namadingo]. Pray for Dr Namadingo it’s urgent. God has been troubling me to warn him for weeks now”, he claimed, saying he would share the warning last night.

However, he failed to see that he would not be in a position to share the prophecy as 40 minutes before 8pm last evening, he shared a Facebook post claiming that he had been forced to postpone the prophecy because his phone had been confiscated by his security aide.

But during a live Facebook broadcast this evening, Liabunya “warned” Namidingo of God’s plan.

“God asked me to warn this NamDingo guy that God is about to make him a billionaire through music. Tell this musician that I am the Lord who called him and I am going to make him the first billionaire musician in Malawi”, said Liabunya.

Namadingo is arguably one of the richest musicians and artists across the entertainment industry in Malawi. He commands a large following across the whole of Southern Africa. He has over 20 million views on his YouTube Channel.

His mashup with Malawi music icon, Giddess Chalamanda, has generated over 100 million social media platforms as Chalamanda’s Linny took over TikTok and broke the internet.

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