Pemphero Mphande: I am home and I am okay. God bless you for praying for me


As Malawians anxiously wait for the fate of Pemphero Mphande who shared a prophecy that he would die today, the socialite who was once an atheist has said he is currently okay. Mr Mphande has shared a short video thanking everyone who has been praying for him, saying he is “home and okay”.

“I know most of you are following the story about me dying on the 22nd of April. I have been getting so many prayers from people; so this is just me saying thank you. I am home and I am okay. God bless you”, says Pemphero Mphande.

In his short TikTok video, Pemphero did not comment on recent claims by the Malawi music artists he once managed, Keturah, that the two are an item. She made the revelations during her live session on Facebook.

“Hello guys. I am here to tell you the truth about Pemphero Mphande. Listen guys. Pemphero Mphande and I we are dating”, said Keturah her live session ended abruptly; as others claimed on social media that her phone was snatched from her during the session.

Rumours that the Keturah and her then manager were entangled have been running for a while. However, the couple said the claims of their entanglement were unsubstantiated.

Mphande, who once declared to being an atheist, shocked Malawians on Easter Sunday when he claimed that a prophecy had been made of his death. According to his Facebook post, it was said he would die today.

Since then, he has been hosting fasting and prayer sessions.

However, there are others who believe Mphande is performing a stunt.

Pemphero Mphande and I are dating, confesses Keturah