Pemphero Mphande and I are dating, confesses Keturah

The Queen of Afro-pop in Malawi music circles, Keturah, has confirmed that she has an entanglement with atheist-cum-born-again Christian Pemphero Mphande. The confession comes days following a prophecy that Mr Mphande’s days on earth are numbered.

Keturah, fondly called Look Gelo (Local Girl), made the shocking revelations during her night of confession that she held on her official Facebook page this evening.

“Hello guys. I am here to tell you the truth about Pemphero Mphande. Listen guys. Pemphero Mphande and I we are dating”, said Keturah before ending her live session abruptly .

Rumours that the artist and her then manager were entangled have been going on for a while. However, the couple shot down the rumours. They then cut their management ties this year, which ignited new rumours that the separation was because the musician was pregnant.

A few weeks ago, Keturah shocked Malawians when she shared ecliptic posts on social media that she was contemplating suicide. However, she returned on Facebook with another ecliptic post that she was pregnant. She later clarified that her post were announcing her new projects; and that she were not pregnant.

We are dating – Keturah

Pemphero Mphande, who had publicly confessed to being an atheist, shocked Malawians on Easter Sunday when he claimed that a prophecy has been made of his death this coming Friday by a mysterious person. The prophecy aligned with another made by Prophet Austin Liabunya.

Since then, he has come very close to announcing that he is born again by holding several fasting and prayer sessions with different pastors and prophets to make sure that the prophecy does not come to pass.

Mr Mphade, a medical doctor by profession, also revealed that on Easter Monday that he is holding a 5-day fasting session to plead with God to spare his life. However, he is yet to comment on Keturah’s confessions or reports that he publishes made up stories on his Facebook page.

Others believe Mphande is performing a stunt.