Fiorentina’s worst transfers: Alexander Kokorin

Alexander Kokorin

Fiorentina is a club that does not have a big budget. That’s why the team always takes a balanced approach to every transfer. However, this does not guarantee that this or that signing will be successful. It is easy to follow the live score of this team’s games on the sports statistics website. Here each match of them is covered.

If highlighting Fiorentina’s major transfer failures, it is not possible to get past the figure of Alexander Kokorin. The Russian striker joined the team in 2021. At that time the club paid almost 5 million euros for the forward. Not to say that this is a huge amount, but doubts about this investment appeared almost immediately.

Kokorin was almost 30 years old at the time of his transfer. Yes, Alexander is a very talented player, but even in the RPL, which can be watched live on the sports statistics website, he was very unstable.

In 2020, for example, he had completely inconsistent campaigns at Sochi and Spartak. In the first club he was shining and was the leader of the attack, but in the second he quickly became ballast. Therefore, Fiorentina took a big risk when they signed the forward. However, experts such as Roberto Mancini and Fabio Capello vouched for him. The team chiefs trusted them and as a result they bought the player from Spartak. Kokorin became a real disappointment at Fiorentina. He came on the field very rarely and when he did, he looked weak. Not surprisingly, the rumors about the player’s departure quickly started to spread.

Reasons for Kokorin’s failure at Fiorentina

Alexander received a good contract in Italy, after which he immediately relaxed. He absolutely did not give his all in training, and he was completely devoid of motivation. The media, which immediately began to mock the forward, also played their part. By the way, if you want to know the mobile livescore of matches involving Fiorentina, then visit the sports statistics website.

Laziness and lack of motivation are the main reasons for the failure of Alexander, who did not score a single goal for the club in 1.5 years. Moreover, he did not even play full games. The reasons for his failures can also be called:

  1. High competition in the attack. Vlahovic was the main forward at that time, and Kokorin had almost no chance to show his strengths.
  2. Because of them, the player was rarely in a good condition for the match.
  3. Lack of communication with partners. The reason for this was the language barrier.

All this allows to call the transfer of the striker one of the worst in the history of the team. In fact, the club threw away 5 million euros for nothing.

Nowadays, it is easy to follow the livescores of matches involving him through a mobile device. It is enough to make just a couple of clicks to quickly assess the situation and do not miss any important events.