Grouping planning State House vigils over K8bn additional allocation to State Residences


A grouping under the banner ‘Citizens Against Impunity and Corruption’ has threatened to hold vigils at Kamuzu Palace if a proposal for additional K8.1 billion allocation for renovation of state residences is approved.

The development follows a call by parliamentary cluster comprising of members of the Public Appointments and Commissions, Statutory Corporations and State Enterprises, to allocate an additional sum of K8.1 billion on the state residences renovation project.

According to Joyce Chitsulo who is the chairperson for the cluster, the country’s state residences are in dilapidated state hence K14.5 billion which has been allocated for the renovation project is not enough.

Chitsulo recently told Parliament that there is need for additional funds for capital expenditure so as to revive the country’s state residences, Sanjika and Kamuzu Palaces in particular.

“The biggest problem with this vote is that State residences are in dilapidated state, with non-functioning cold rooms and lifts at both Sanjika and Kamuzu Palaces and a lot of underground water leakages through broken pipes, which are bring about very high water bills,” said Chitsulo.

However, this has not gone well with ‘Citizens Against Impunity and Corruption’ which has described this as a calculated move to siphon money from the public coffers to individuals’ pockets which the grouping has argued should not be tolerated.

Through a Facebook post, the grouping has said that if the proposal for the additional funds to renovate state residences is approved, it will mobilize people to hold vigils at the gates of Kamuzu palace in Lilongwe.

“Planning State House Vigil if MK8 billion is approved. The quantum sought is insane, insensitive and immoral under current economic hardships. Ordinary people can barely breathe.

“It appears The State House is now nothing more than a vehicle to steal from poor Malawians. Countrymen, (Ladies & Gentlemen) get ready to gather at the Gate of the Kamuzu State House till Chakwera comes out to hear the people’s grievances,” said the group in a Facebook post.

Meanwhile, Members of Parliament sitting for the August house, are also proposing an additional sum of K2.5 billion on K22.2 billion which has been allocated to the Office of the President and Cabinet (OPC).