Malawi Gender Minister Kaliati condemns stripping of women


Minister of Gender, Community Development and Social Welfare Patricia Kaliati on Tuesday described the act of stripping women naked as illegal and barbaric.

Kaliati expressed her sentiments in Lilongwe during the 2022 commemoration of the International Women’s Day in Lilongwe.

She said there is no justification for stripping women naked, and warned everyone who will be caught indulging in the malpractice that the law will take its course.

“It is sad to note that most of the videos that go viral on social media the ones on the forefront are fellow women, women let’s love and protect one another,” she said.

On this note Kaliati further condemned chiefs that encourage the act of stripping women as a way of shaming them after being caught committing adultery.

Acting UN Coordinator who is also Resident Representative for UNDP Shigeki Komatsubara said they are committed to advancing the welfare of women in the country.

He said the commemoration of the women’s Day is an important way of raising the voice of women on matters that affect them and to further increase awareness on challenges and injustices that women face.

Reported by Fostina Mkandawire – Malawi News Agency