Angry residents storm ESCOM offices over power outage


Residents of Gong’onda, Magombo and Madulira villages in Machinjiri today stormed Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (ESCOM) offices in Blantyre to show their anger over the electricity supplier’s failure to fix a faulty transformer.

The angry residents sealed the gates of an ESCOM powerhouse at Ginnery Corner.

According to the residents, they have had no electricity since the ESCOM transformer broke down two months ago.

The residents complained that they are failing to operate businesses such as saloons and barbershops which require electricity.

They added that they have been reporting the issue to ESCOM but the transformer is yet to be fixed. The residents threatened not to leave the place until ESCOM resolved their complaints.

Following the protests, ESCOM officials, the police and the residents held a meeting where ESCOM regional manager for the South Gilbert Chodzadza assured the residents that the electricity supplier will will fix the transformer on Friday this week.