Is M’thibulo witchdoctor Dinho?


The identity of a witchdoctor selling sex concoctions who was believed to be that of the Flames kit master has been confirmed.

The kit master Richard Justin Zawazawa popularly known as Dinho was widely believed to be the Juju tactician for the Flames at the Afcon.

When a photo taken recently of a man who looks like Dinho selling sex concoctions, the bullying was cemented. However, Malawi24 can confirm that the Juju man is only a doppelganger of Dinho.

Some Malawians have since reacted angrily to the bullying behaviour which Zawazawa is being subjected to.

They believe it is not proper to bully an innocent person. As such, they have asked, the perpetrators of the uncalled for behaviour to stop.


“I really dislike the bullying this man has endured. And by implication, you mean the Flames can’t win without Juju?” Reads Mbauwo Chavula’s comment.

Andrew Cane said it is pathetic that people are bullying the kit master because of his physical outlook. He said, “Its only in Malawi where a kit master is labeled as a witchdoctor because of the way he looks. Very pathetic. So in this modern era, someone doesn’t know that it is mandatory for any team to have a kit master?”

Justin has been a victim of bullying ever since the Flames travelled to Saudi Arabia for training in preparations for the African Cup of Nations, last month.

On a positive note, his service was rewarded handsomely when the team returned from the African Cup of Nations last week. Justin was gifted with a plot, building materials and a smart phone.