Malawi Homeland Minister tells Police not to arrest activist Kalindo


Homeland Security Minister Richard Chimwendo Banda has told Malawi Police to withdraw the warrant of arrest against Bon Kalindo who is accused of insulting President Lazarus Chakwera.

Chimwendo has confirmed to the local media that he spoke with
Inspector General of Police George Kainja in relation to the warrant of arrest against Kalindo and the police boss pledged to withdraw it.

The Minister added that he intervened because it is the policy of the current government to desist from enforcement of laws that border on stifling freedoms enshrined in the constitution.

He, however, rejected assertions that his conduct interferes with the operations of the police service.

According to Chimwendo, he only reminded the police about government policy and the law enforcers are free to act as they wish.

National Police Spokesperson James Kadadzera said earlier today that Chimwendo insulted Chakwera during anti-government demonstrations yesterday.

Insulting the president is a crime in Malawi under Section 4 of the Protected Flags, Emblems and Names Act.

Ironically, President Chakwera, when he was in opposition, promised to repeal such archaic laws.

His pledge came in 2019, after Kalindo was arrested for insulting the then president Peter Mutharika.

Chakwera argued at the time that people should not be arrested for expressing how they feel about the government.

“In fact, whatever unjust law is cited to empower such a ludicrous idea is equally primitive, unacceptable, and stupid, and will thus be repealed by my government,” Chakwera said in a Facebook post.

Activist Kalindo wanted by Malawi Police for insulting President Chakwera