Malawi Immigration Dept. intercepts Congolese nationals


Immigration authorities in the Northern Region on Tuesday intercepted 18 Congolese nationals at Phwezi Immigration roadblock in Rumphi.

The 18, four adults and 14 children, were apprehended on their way to Dzaleka Refugee camp in Dowa.

Upon being interrogated, the migrants failed to explain to officers who were on duty about how they found themselves at Phwezi in Rumphi without permission from either the Immigration Department or United Nations High Commission for Refugees Department (UNHCR).

They were then detained for entering the country without following asylum seeking procedures.

Among the immigrants, 10 are females and 8 are males. There are fourteen minors and four adults identified as Eliazard Mubaya, Mawaxo Kimenu both Males and Adeline Neena, Nenge Nabavugwa both females.

Meanwhile, the Congolese nationals have been referred to Karonga transit shelter for UNHCR department for further scrutiny.