Ministry of Health warns of fraudsters


The Ministry of Heath has warned the general public that it is not giving any Covid-19 monetary support to the public and has advised people to report to police if they receive messages telling them to claim Covid-19 money.

This has been said in a statement today signed by the Ministry’s secretary for Health Dr Charles Mwansambo.

Mwansambo said the ministry has noted that some fraudsters are continuing to send text messages informing people that they received Covid-19 money from the Ministry and putting numbers for the people to claim their money.

He added that the general public at large should be aware that there is no such arrangement by the Ministry of Health.

He advised people in the country to report to police if they receive messages from such fraudsters so that the fraudsters are apprehended. Further,

“Network providers are requested to block these numbers and work with the security agencies to investigate and bring these fraudsters to book,” said Mwansambo.