UDF endorses constituency and ward re-demarcation


United Democratic Front (UDF) has endorsed the Constituency and ward re-demarcation exercise which is being undertaken by Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC).

UDF officials led by the Party’s President Hon. Atupele Muluzi had an interface meeting with MEC in Lilongwe on Saturday 27 November, 2021, where the President of UDF, Atupele Muluzi, expressed their support for the re-demarcation process.


Muluzi said as a party, they understand the process because it comes from the Constitution and they fully support the process but what they want is that it should be a fair process.

“We came here to receive a report from MEC on the Constituency and wards demarcation exercise which has been undertaken and we retaliate our support for this process. We understand that it is a process that emanates from the Constitution and we are very supportive of the process and understand the work of the commission.

“During the meeting I have pleaded with MEC to facilitate the process because this is a legal requirement and it’s extremely important that the law is followed.

“However, UDF has also put forward it’s position that as we move towards the 2025 elections, we should strongly consider legal law reform especially with regards to electoral reform and constitutional reform with regards to the management of elections. This will address a number of issues that need to be addressed,” said Muluzi.

In his remarks, MEC Chairperson Justice Chifundo Kachale said as MEC they are very grateful that UDF have reaffirmed their support for the work they are doing.

UDF and MEC officials during the meeting

“It is very important because as you know that this  report when we do the work we have to go in parliament and UDF is a party that has a caucus in Parliament and our expectation is that at that stage we would have done work that the party can support, so that the report get accepted. So, it is very good that they are in support of the work we are doing,” said Kachale.

Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) has been meeting with party officials on its recent constituency re-demarcation exercise determination to increase the constituencies to 228.

MEC started the meetings on Thursday 25 November with MCP and then on Friday 26 November with UTM and DPP and on Saturday 27 November the MEC officials met with PP in the morning and later on UDF in the afternoon.