How to Support Malawi Cricket Team


It is not too often that a sports team from Malawi gets onto international stages. Malawians are not necessarily accustomed to this type of attention. Nevertheless, the Malawi National Cricket Team was granted full Twenty20 International status by the International Cricket Council.

Malawi is competing for a spot in the ICC World Cup. No matter the final fate of the team, it is a good time to shore up support for them. Even if they do not make it very far, it is good to develop these habits of showing support for local teams. Here are some ways to show some concrete support for the Malawi National team.

Learn About The Stars

The Malawi cricket team is full of amazing athletes. Their names tend to be less known than some of the other international stars. Athletes from India’s cricket team get a lot of attention.  This is undoubtedly with good reason, as they are amazing athletes, but we should not let that overshadow others.

Malawi’s most successful offensive player in the 2019 Twenty20 International was Hamza Patel who scored 137 runs. Names like this should be household figures around Malawi, and even internationally. By doing a bit of research and then bringing them up, we can start to make this happen on our own.

Learning about these athletes is a great way to bring attention to them and to cricket in general. You can even start to educate your friends about Malawi’s biggest cricket stars. The more we know about them, the more successful the team will be in the long run.

Put Your Money Where Your Love Is

Showing up for Malawi’s cricket team means putting in time and effort, true. But, if possible, it can also mean putting money where our hearts are.

The attention we give them by learning and talking with loved ones is important, but putting in some money is an especially concrete way to show support. One way to do this is by betting on the team. This will show international sites that people are really paying attention.

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You can also invest in them by buying merchandise. Selling products with team logos or athletes’ names is a huge way to show support for the team.

This will help in two concrete ways. It is doubly effective. The first is that it is a cash injection into the team. This can go towards publicity, or training, making them even more competitive internationally.

The other way is that you are then publicity for them. People will ask you about the team, and other fans will be able to find you and start a conversation. You will be spreading the love for Malawi cricket just by walking around with your new shirt or shorts.

Tune In!

Another really important way for the team to know that as many people are rooting for them as possible is to check and double-check where you can watch the game. This might mean asking around the neighborhood.

Sometimes you can get it at home on the television. Other times the best way to access the game will be via the internet because no available cable channels are streaming it. Depending on where you live, you may even have access to a sports bar with a great deal to watch all the sports games.

Exactly how to do this is not as important as just doing it. Not only will the team be able to see the number of viewers and feel the support, but also television networks will be paying attention as well. This can help them get more lucrative deals with networks.

With more money, they can leverage that for more fans and more training. Ideally, this could create a cycle where they get more support and more funding. If as many people tune in as possible, this is a real potential effect!