Man forced out of village over witchcraft allegations


Villagers from Benga Mwale Village in the area of Traditional Authority Mzukuzuku in Mzimba district have banished George Tembo from the village on allegation that he bewitched his 44-year-old son who died after getting sick in South Africa.

According to Village headman Benga Mwale, the son, Galatiya Tembo, got sick in Upington, South Africa where he was residing. Family members sent him back home.

He was sick for about 3 weeks before his death in Malawi. Villagers accused his father George Tembo of being behind the death.

After the burial ceremony which was held on 30 October at Mbawa in Embangweni area in Mzimba, the villagers forced George Tembo out of the village.

Villagers also damaged all property belonging George Tembo.

Malawi’s Witchcraft Act enacted in 1911 says witchcraft does not exist in the country and it states that it is an offence to accuse a person of practising witchcraft.