Makhadzi set to perform in Malawi this weekend


South African musician Makhadzi will perform at a music festival which will be held in Salima District from 5 to 7 November 2021.

The music festival will attract different artists both from Malawi as well as outside Malawi.  The artists include Makhadzi whose songs now are the most trending songs in Africa and others include Dj Obza, Mr Brown, house legend Professor and Maparra A Jazz.

Local artists will include Black Missionaries, Kelly Kay, Lulu, Pisky, Janta and Anthony Makondetsa. This year’s festival is the third one by Hangout events since 2019.

Speaking to Malawi24, Hangout Events Coordinator  Levison Msakambewa said all is set for the festival and people should expect fireworks.

“We have learnt a lot from other two previous years because we started in 2019 and we had some great experience then, and coming to last year so many lessons to learn. So, we are coming from that background to improve the festival and give a new experience to Malawians. So this year we are well prepared and you can even see our line-up is very good and really the person that people are looking at is Makhadzi and she is really coming to perform and people should expect fireworks and also a new experience as I said, so we will be unveiling our overall plan next week and people will get more excited and more,” said Msakambewa.

Msakambewa also noted that in terms of raining during the festival they have already set some waterproof equipment and that everything is on track and people should not worry because the festival won’t be interrupted because of rains.

“We know that this time obviously we might have rains, there is already a forecast I think during the morning there will be some showers but then in the evening it will be calm so depending on perhaps the change of weather and all that but as of now that’s the forecast. The other thing would be in terms of equipment there is waterproof equipment that has come on the scene and we are hoping to engage one of that kind of equipment. So, people will enjoy the festival whether there is rain or not rain we are very prepared.

“The hangout music festival this year is a special one and they will have more fun and really they should expect a lot to happen at the festival and they will enjoy,” said Msakambewa.