Malawi to launch K4.2 billion Toll Plaza: Most ‘beautiful tollgate’ in the whole world?


Malawi is set to launch its toll plaza that some social commentators have described as the most beautiful tollgate in the whole world.

Some social media users are sarcastically calling the Toll Plaza the most beautiful in the world.

“It is so beautiful. Some of us tadutsapo kangapo konse during night wow the place looks beautiful,” said one social media user.

However, there are serious concerns over the design of the plaza.

“I am always concerned with the quality of the current crop of Malawian architects…they are not inspiring our infrastructure at all. This structure should not have been approved. I would rather have them copy the same design used for gas station canopies,” said one person on social media.

Another social media user said: “I have never seen anything so new and so ugly in my life. Which bright sparks came up with this?”

But some social media users say the design is not important provided the toll gate is functional.

“I wonder what’s wrong with the toll gate, it’s not supposed to be all that fancy as long as it does its intended purpose and when we talk of quality what quality are, we referring to the design or the lifetime of the infrastructure,” said one person.

Yesterday Minister of Finance Felix Mlusu disclosed that Government will be collecting K9 billion annually from Chingeni Toll Plaza and Kalinyeke Tollgate on the M1 Road.

“Chingeni Toll Plaza is expected to go operational any time from now as all works are complete and the electronic system is in place but Kalinyeke will be ready by Christmas,” Mlusu said.




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  1. Mk4.2 billion to construct a toll gate which can be done at a price of mk10 million tell us did tendered it or just given some body the contract like that if so ACB please come in to investigate this mk4.2 BILLION TOLL GATE INVESTIGATION DONT LEAVE ANYONE ON THE SIDE IF MPINGAJIRA CAN BE ARRESTED WHY NOT THIS ONE ??????

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