Ras Kansengwa under fire over Makhadzi photo


Veteran photographer Ras Peter Kansengwa has come under fire for taking a picture which dishonours South Africa`s female musician Makhadzi during her perfomance at Sand Music Festival in Mangochi last weekend.

According to commentators, it is not right for the photographer in question to make a name in the industry by making other people sad.

Social media influencer Pemphero Mphande has condemned Kasengwa`s action.

“A very sad thing that happened on the photo that Ras Kansengwa circulated. Honestly, he should be ashamed of himself,” reads his post in partial.


Nicholas Kalua also commented on the matter, “It’s very unfortunate that some people choose to draw public attention by causing pain in somebody`s live. Instead of supporting the best talented artists, people choose to pull them down.” He said

The picture in question, exposes the Limpopo queen`s thighs. Worse still, some people edited the image, to make it look like Makhadzi exposed her private parts.

In reaction to the edited pictures, the South African musician said the edited pictures have potential to dent her image.

“I would like to ask everyone who react with this picture and edited picture that you are planting something that can affect me badly,” said Makhadzi.





  1. It’s not Ras Kansengwa. It is the camera that saw what was intentionally shown by a grown up artist.

  2. Ras didn’t told her to dress the way she dressed. nothing wrong with kansengwa, nothing wrong with makhadzi. after all it was at entertainment joint. none to be blamed.

  3. Ukweche aliyense ali nawo. Even the most beautiful woman in the world. Why poke fun using a camera? Mr photographer are you born from a woman? Check her.

  4. The camera captured what was to be captured, fater all it was public event not private one.

  5. We so sorry about what was happened to makhadzi but hope will all gone

  6. Nothing wrong in Madonna’s declaration.Any mother has a right to express her best wishes for her son.Thats focused upbringing and those against that are jealousy.Dont envy Banda after all Banda look like it’s a Malawi Presidential household name.

  7. Guys stop to blame the photographer for taking the , blame the singer for his dressing even if was not captured by camera the fact is she have displayed it to public

  8. The photographer is Innocent, in my understanding. Makhazi was performing @ public place not private place. Please Let’s Stop accusing the photographer for good job. What if people say the photos were nice. Let’s people put their differences opinion on the matter.

  9. I wonder if Beyonce, Madonna and all do not perform in Malawi, or they do what Malawians do. It is known full figured people have inner black thighs, its out of our control. This was just dehumanizing.
    Just support and encourage African musicians. Long pants were never our traditional clothing.

    1. Nothing wrong with the photographer coz the photographer captured what was in front of the camera thus all

  10. The photograph is real for what she was during her performance. This was what the spectators saw. So what is the problem with Ras Kansengwa.
    He is good photographer respect him for his job well done.

  11. I believe that people dress to please themselves so is Makhadzi….

  12. Spare the photographer please the singer is just dirty , i have seen some clips on social media where she performed in RSA , you won’t believe it .That’s her style , she is a disgrace to women .Those blaming the Ras please think twice .Editing is wrong but the subject is a disgrace .Don’t just invite anyone in the name of tourism please you are spoiling the youths .

    1. You are the one who is dirty just like your photographer friend sies. Busy acting fresh here, who the hell do you think you are?! Leave Makhadzi alone!

  13. She was supposed to wear a mini tied to close those shameful black spots, she’s not a baby she’s grown leave the photographer alone, makhadzi oketira ngwana

  14. An African for life remember! black is beautiful stay blessed makhazi

  15. Problem is not photographer himself, but actually the way she (Makhadzi) dressed. She was supposed to wear a long pant not like that nonsense she did. Before we criticize photographer, let us agree that Makhadzi did not dress as normal human being. “If you are in Rome, do what Romans do.” So she was in Malawi where she was supposed to dress with full of humanity.

    1. She can’t change her dress code just because she is at different country . People love her performance as she is, A photographer is his responsibility to check from what he took before goes to public.

    2. AWUNYI PERHAPS JOU DOMKOP SWAINE HELL.She is pushing her brand then you have such oddesity to say such comment you stupid fool.

    3. How was she going to entertain the crowd with the long pant,she is a dancer and Malawi knows that she never wear long pant when performing, as South Africans we love our queen it doesn’t start with her to have black inner tights. Most of woman comment on this but forgetting that they do have worse than The Queen

    4. Ag wena u r crazy, she’s a South African artist not Malawian

    5. @Kapanda Steven, does that mean artist at Malawi performs in long dresses? Well in SA we respect Women, they have equal rights to do whatever they wish with their lives, and The photographer should have respected Makhadzi

    6. Did she really dress in a more revealing way than our females do here in Mw? If so, then anaziputa anaziputa and photographer may not be blamed, because he would in that case be reporting – remember, a photographer is a reporter – on ‘what was, the way it was’. However, the editing of the photograph, to make it look different from how it really looked, indicates a serious sickness that must be comdemned in the strongest terms in our society.

    7. The patriarchal dehumanizing tendencies. It’s the misogynistic thinking that we still have men think that it is OK to speak ill of how women dress. What is an appropriate African way of dressing?

    8. People like you ,the one who rape people how can you say ,when you born did come wearing clothes stop saying makhadzi should long thing it’s her body people should respect people decisions when you wearing your long dress who judge you stop ,with criticism

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