Montfort SNE College launches wildlife club


Montfort Special Needs College on Saturday launched its wildlife club aimed at incorporating people with disabilities in the wildlife and environmental conservation at their campus in Nguludi.

Speaking at the event, the club chairperson, Emmanuel Kawonga, admitted that people with disabilities are mostly sidelined in the wildlife and environmental conservation activities even though they are part of the society.

He added that the main objective of the club is  to build an inclusive society at all times.

“It is high time, people with disabilities were recognized and included in all wildlife and environmental conservation activities at all levels,” he said.

Wildlife club members planting trees

The event was witnessed by the officials from the Wildlife and Environmental society of Malawi (WESM) and students with special needs from Montfort Demonstration school and Mary View school for the Deaf, who took part in the tree planting activity which was part of the event.

The club is planning to hold several wildlife and environmental conservation competitions in all special needs schools in Malawi to promote a culture of wildlife and environmental conservation among people with disabilities.

Montfort SNE is an institution that trains teachers in special needs courses such as hearing impairment, visual impairment, Deaf-Blind and Learning difficulties.