Malawian man murdered in South Africa


A 28-year-old Malawian national was assaulted with a hammer on the head and stabbed multiple times by thugs in South Africa.

The man has been identified as Patrick Blaki, a father of a 7-year-old girl.

Blaki was killed on Saturday last week by a group of unknown men who broke into the house that he was looking after in Glendale area in Kwazulu Natal.

At the time of the incident, the owner of the house was away in Johannesburg for work.

According to local media in South Africa, Blaki was looking after the house of a Glendale resident Kopi Mtshali who works in Johannesburg.

Mtshali told the media that she asked Blaki to come and stay at her house because her house had been broken into two times before while she was away in Johannesburg.

“My heart is shattered because this young man was killed for being in my house,” said Mtshali.

She added that the people who killed Blaki were known in the community but had not been arrested by the police.

Blaki’s brother-in-law Joe Phiri told South African media that they were heartbroken. Phiri added that they were preparing to transport his body back to Malawi.