The Black Missionaries’ 12 in the offing


Blantyre based reggae outfit the Black Missionaries has announced that it will be letting out its new album, Kuimba 12, in the near future.

According to the band, the journey to the album’s release will begin next week with the freeing of some of the songs in the project.

“Next week we release 4 singles and two videos from the Kuimba 12 album. We count on your usual support as always,”

Kuimba 12 has come to life, 20 years after the death of the Black Missionaries founder Evison Matafale. As per custom, the band has also honoured its ancestor in the album.

“As a way of keeping his legacy alive and as a way of celebrating his great talent, we have gone on to dedicate every album since that to celebrating our founder’s memory.”

Matafale started the Kuimba series in 2001. He released two albums called Kuimba 1 and Kuimba 2 before his death.

The Black Missionaries band which is now survived by three members, Anjiru Fumulani, Peter Amidu and Chizondi Fumulani continues with the journey.