Onesimus disses Namadingo: there is no way I can abandon Malawi


Malawian musicians Onesimus has taken a jab at his Zambian Counterpart Patience Namadingo for leaving his country.

Speaking in an interview with a local television, the Solomon hit-maker has said he cannot abandon his country under any circumstances.

“My country is my first love, Malawi is my first love, Malawi gave me the first love, I could say Malawi gave me the first kiss. So, there is no way I can abandon my home country.”

This comes a few weeks after Namadingo made a permanent move to the neighboring Zambia citing dwindling levels of popularity in his motherland.

The two artists became subjects of the spotlight following a poll which was conducted online to ascertain the most creative musician between them.

Most people voted for Onesimus whose real name is Armstrong Kalua, a factor that is believed to have influenced Namadingo to lose his patience and leave the country.

The public continues to compare the musicians in question. Meanwhile, people are debating on whose latest song is good between Namadingo`s Sakaka and Armstrong`s Maria.




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