Will Vinny visuals and Med C take over music industry with latest ‘complaining’ video and audio?


The coming of the internet has changed how musicians make music and how consumers engage with it. The music industry revolves around new forms of media and technology to sustain itself and teenagers are the new trendsetters.

From radio cassettes to streaming and downloading music, it is a tough task to sustain on the market today as piracy has altered how artists sell their music and for old-timers, the internet is a devious sneaky road to walk on. The current game is about numbers and artists that work hard and promote themselves are proven to make an impact in overlooked communities and are able to make real money.

In 2020-21, Malawian urban music has seen the rise of teenage musicians making a great difference in the music market considering numbers from social media following, music downloads, music video views, which are enticing bigwigs at record labels to work with them. These great numbers have also proven to allure endorsement deals in the corporate world.

This brings us to Med C and Vinny Visuals, teens with distinct knacks but the same energy of bringing an impact in the music industry. 16 years old and 17 years old respectively, the two teenagers have proven their work to be of exceptional standards and both alluring ringleaders to pour millions in their work. Med C, within a year of doing music, has already signed a multi-million-kwacha deal with FDH and Vinny Visuals, a young videographer has already signed a multi-million-kwacha deal with TNM Networks.

The two teens have constantly become a hot topic in the urban music circles for being sweet and amazing at what they are best at. Having the teens work together on a creative project is the best news to hear from Med C’s management who have released visuals of the most trending song ‘Complaining’ by Med C.

Perhaps, the song ‘Complaining’ is a landmark from the youngster Med C who has scooped top position on radios and music websites charts. The song has gained him popularity and he is already a domestic name in Malawian communities. The teen’s sweet voice and mature lyrics rob away the hearts of many listeners and he is arguably the most trending upcoming artist on the music market.

The ‘Complaining’ music video, within 5 hours of its release at 8 PM last night, has already been viewed by over 5 thousand people on YouTube and has captivated huge impressions on social media. Thousands of fans have remarked the video as outstanding and one of its kind in the making.