Is Chakwera set to resign? Malawi leader promised to resign after 2 years of changing nothing

Lazarus Chakwera Malawi President

With only 11 months to go before President Chakwera clocks 2 years in office, the Malawi leader might jut be on the verge of quitting office if his own words are anything to go by.

A video has surfaced online in which the Malawi leader is heard promising a new Malawi once voted into office. The video, a New Year’s message for 2019, has Chakwera asking Malawians to vote for him as the President and the MCP as a ruling party.

“Within 2 years of being President, I will change everything in the way we do things,” said Chakwera gesticulating for emphasis.

“And if I don’t change things in the 2 years, I will resign. So, if you want to build a new Malawi, vote for me,” said Chakwera facing the camera.

It has been one year, so far, and the government of Chakwera is on a downhill path doing the same things it accused the former regime of doing.

Among other things, Chakwera has come under fire for his nepotistic appointments. His cabinet is largely dominated by people from his home of Lilongwe while he has filled the State House with some of his relations including gifting the position of Director of Communication to his son-in-law Sean Kampondeni.

Just in the gone week, it has emerged that Chakwera has appointed his daughter to a diplomatic post in Brussels despite that she has no experience in foreign affairs nor has she any education.

Further, Chakwera has failed to stay on top of corruption with some of his aides being embroiled in the abuse of Covid funds while his government has refused to audit over MK17 billion that was disbursed over the same Covid issues.

However, lately, Chakwera who is a former Pentecostal Reverend has been known to go against his own word so it is not expected of him to leave office even if he acts worse than the previous administration at the finish of 2 years.