Namadingo`s Maury earns salutes from foreign stars

The fairy tale of Patience Namadingo`s penetration into the SADC region is slowly but surely getting to the climax as international music stars have clapped for him.

Namadingo`s latest release called Maury has wowed musicians from other countries. Some artists have publicly showed their love for the singer`s work.

Zambia`s renowned musician General Kanene is among the stars that have applauded the singer. In a brief Facebook post, Kanene says Namadingo is a rare talent.

“Ba Malawi uyu munyamata nimukali (Malawians, this is a great musician.)”

The song emphasizes that nothing lasts forever; both good and bad times come and go. Apart from its mouth-watering audio, Maury`s video is also catchy.

South Africa based Malawian musician and model Zani Challe cameos in the video, to add icing on the cake.

The song has also received positive feedback from the singer`s followers.

“Great story incredible talent, wishing the best of the best Dr Namadingo this song made June hotter than ever,”  reads Mic Mw`s comment.

“You are honouring the tittle Doc, great time with an amazing storyline,” said Chiyamiko Chiusiwa