It is demonic to prioritize pastors over your parents – Evangelist


Lilongwe based Preacher, Evangelist Richard Zinyongo has openly advised Christians in the country to prioritize taking care of their parents before giving money to men of God, saying it is ungodly and demonic to financially support men of God while parents are languishing in abject poverty.

The bible teaches us to honor our parents (Mother and father) thy days may be long upon the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee.

According to Zinyongo, it doesn’t make sense for a person to watch their  biological parents suffering while the same person is takin care of the so called men of God somewhere.

On his recent Facebook post, Zinyongo argued that it is demonic and unscriptural to assist only prophets and other men of God forgetting biological parents who were there for 9 months before the person was born

The pastor said: “Let us not forget to assist our biological parents always. It is demonic, unscriptural to assist only prophets, Bishops, Pastors and forgetting your biological parents. Shame on you! You need spiritual deliverance.

Zinyongo added that men of God are supposed to be creative and venture into various businesses to take care of their families and fight the dependence syndrome.

He further indicated that, helping men of God is good but the story changes when a person only focuses on them forgetting parents.

“It is sad that others have bought cars and houses for their Pastors, Bishops and Prophets while biological parents don’t have even a bicycle and still staying in glass thatched houses,” he said.

The post however stirred debate among people who have conflicting ideas on the matter, but many people are in agreement.

Pastor Tseka Chizinga wrote “You have reminded an important part of our spiritual life. These are some of the things that Christians should know. Preach on man of God”.

Matrida Makuluni also concurred with Chizinga saying most Christians need special teachings if they are to come back to their senses saying they take things in a wrong way.

Apart from preaching at Trans World Radio every Monday from 8pm and  in various secondary schools and colleges, Zinyongo is also known as a musician.



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  1. Doubt if this message is backed by relevant Holy Biblical book or it is jealous of Men of God who large following. Attending church or being a Christian is not for youth only but for all who in term should give to the poor, widows and the needy

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