Malawians warned against excessive use of ‘Mphamvu kubedi’ libido boosters.


While sending women to orgasm remain an uphill task for many men, doctors have cautioned against excessive use of ‘Mphamvu Kubedi'(Libido boosters), saying, overdependence on the drugs and substances would electrocute their bedroom bazookas.

In an interview, Doctor Zizwani Mkandawire of Dungwi private clinic, stressed that men should take extra caution when deciding to use libido boosters, citing, most of them are extremely health hazard.

The warning comes amid revelations that most men are excessively dependent on herbs in pursuit of satisfying their women’s bedroom demands.

“Some of these herbs would do more harm than good. Instead of boosting your libido, they would end up causing erectile dysfunctions. Men must take extra caution,” said Mkandawire on a WhatsApp forum (Ask Dr. Zizwani).

“Other health complications that may result from using such drugs and substances include, heart failures, blood pressure (high and low) and in more severe instances, kidney problems.”

According to the medic, men must always depend on physicians’ directives on any issues relating to health.

“We’re always there for you. Talk to us. We’ll be there to give you recommended directives on what to do, each time you face health problems, bedroom inclusive,” he added.

In reaction to the warning, one of the participants in the forum, name withheld, asked the doctor to clarify on the nitty-gritties of women bedroom satisfaction.

The man, who claimed that he has never satisfied his spouses matrimonial needs since they married over a decade ago, wanted to know what’s behind women sex satisfaction.

“So, one day, I overheard her (his wife) complaining to her friends on the same issue. It pained me. That’s when I resorted to using libido boosters. But, even with them, she’s always unsatisfied. She can’t show signs of orgasm. Help me, what do I do?” He asked.

In reaction, the medical practitioner urged the man to always take time before engaging his machine on her.

“Most men loose it because they rush on it. Take time. Play with her. Caress her. Do the romance. Make her wet before you can start the actual showdown. That would make her 50% towards orgasm,” he responded.

In complementing the doctor’s sentiment, one of the vocal women in the forum, name withheld, disclosed that, she, equally, has been faking orgasm for the last ten years just to “make her husband happy.”

“So, I sometimes fake the leg shaking and the moaning. Otherwise, there’s nothing I get from it. So, men must learn to master the art of the game. As the doctor has suggested, you must, maybe take time before you start,” she said.

In Mzuzu, this reporter observes an influx of ‘Mphamvu Kubedi’ herbs along the roads as men patronize the business in large numbers.

One of the vendors trading in the merchandise along Voice of Livingstonia road, confided in this reporter that on avarage, he takes home MK50,000 daily.

“Even women come to buy from us. We offer a wide variety of such drugs. We’ve gondolosi and tseketseke just to mention a few,” he said.

Other retails across the town also sell libido boosters, both in powder form and juices. Powder ones range from MK500 to MK1000 while the juice ‘Mphamvu Kubedi’ sells at a relatively equivalent price.


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