Ritaa, Leslie fight over a man


Malawi`s musicians Ritaa and Leslie are in a fight over a man.

The two angelic voices have twinned on Waine, a team work that is giving gadgets the burden of handling their vocal strengths.

Waine meaning mine, is an Afro love tune which found its freedom from the grips of its creators last night.

In the song, the two young ladies are openly expressing their absolute fondness for the same man through a phone conversation.

“Iweyo ndi ndani umamuimbira phone ngati ndani/ukuzitayitsa nthawi/ kunyumba kwanga ndi komwe iye ali (Who are you and why do you call my lover? You are wasting your time, for your own information we are together at my house at the moment)” Ritaa tells Leslie

“Amakonda tachitsikana anzako anandiuza/Ndimampasa zomwe amafuna ndine amene amafuna (Your own friends told me that he loves youthful ladies/I satisfy his needs and am the one he wants” Responds Leslie

The song has received a warm welcome from the receiving end and it is tipped to make unbearable noise on the music scene.

Urban music lover Paul Kamuyambeni has hailed the two young ladies for crafting a song which is worth exporting. He said, “This is what we have been expecting from our female artists, working together in the interest of furthering their own careers while promoting the country.”




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  1. When you come to talk of Exporting Malawian talent it should encompass several countries and not only Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique where chichewa is also spoken. It is hightime such exports were coming in a language which is universally accepted. Music from Nigeria, Ghana and other countries have established a foothold in the music industry because the rest are able to understand what is being sung. Music is not only the instruments but also includes the message being conveyed. Malawians you can do better!!!

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