Mo626 down: National Bank urged to fire IT team over substandard services

National Bank customers have urged the bank to fire its information technology team over substandard services as Mo626 is down.

Mo626ice is a mobile service which allows the bank’s customers to conduct transactions digitally. The bank also has a WhatsApp helpline and Mo626 Digital+ app.

However, some customers have complained that the services has not been working for several days and they are not getting responses on the mobile helpline.

“National Bank of Malawi My MO digital + has been down for more than 5 days now. I updated it but still not working. I have called customer care a number of times and I was told to send an email of which I did. But still nothing. And note that this is the only way I access my account. This is not acceptable. How can a critical system be down for so long. What will it take for this problem to be resolved?” said Justina Nipsy.

While Destiny AG Chimaliro said: “Your digital app is misbehaving for a week now all I get is useless message that a new device has been detected these inconveniences must stop. Secondly when there is a technical hitch at an ATM money should be automatically be reversed into the customer’s account otherwise I am running out of patience with these issues.”

Some customers say the bank should fire its IT department and recruit people who are capable of providing quality services.

“National bank of Malawi should fire their IT Department ndithu,” said Twitter user Buffar.

Emmanuel Vellemu agreed, saying  there are young people who can improve the Mo626 Digital+ app.

“I have said this over and over. We have young capable people that can do the job. Their digital app is not impressive. Why should I fail to login for 2 weeks until I physically go to them to help out n they tell me it will take 24 hours? Apparently updating security features.”

Meanwhile, the Bank has told customers that it will close its service centres today, tomorrow and on Monday for the Easter holiday.

The bank  has not so far responded to customers’ concerns  but in a Facebook post today,the bank has  encouraged customers to use the digital platforms which are currently down.