Kabambe says DPP is the only development conscious party


Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) member Dalitso Kabambe has described the DPP as the only development conscious party, saying during its rule it distributed various developments equitably and equally in the country.

Kabambe made the remarks on Friday at Kakoma school ground in the area of senior chief Kilupula in Karonga district during a campaign rally for the DPP’s candidate Lusubilo Kamwambi.

He told the gathering that once they vote for Kamwambi, the constituency will enjoy massive transformation through feeder roads, new school blocks and teachers’ houses and renovating already existing structures to motivate learners and teachers.

Kabambe says DPP is the only development conscious party

He said: “The 45 kilometer Karonga-Songwe road was constructed by the DPP. The Karonga-Chitipa road was also constructed by the DPP. What is remaining now is to upgrade and bituminize feeder roads to make them passable.

“We have to concentrate on damaged bridges, bringing water and electricity to peoples’ homes and construct health facilities. And the only way out of that is to vote for Kamwambi who will also introduce constituency revolving fund for the constituents to become economically independent.”

Kabambe also said once elected, Kamwambi will construct a technical college for the youth to hone vocational skills.

On her turn, the regional director of women Joyce Chikukula urged the electorates to vote for Kamwambi who she said will walk in his brother James Kamwambi’s footsteps to facilitate various developments.

Taking his turn, regional governor for the North Ackim Mwanza said the Karonga Northwest seat belongs to DPP and there is no way they can let it slip through their hands to another political party.

Democracy at work as flags from all political parties fly at the roundabout-Photograph by Jordan Simeon-Phiri

Meanwhile, political parties have decorated Karonga District roundabout with flags of their political parties, a development that has amused Karonga residents who have described it as mature democracy.

In an interview, one of the spectators who was at the scene when flags were being erected said it was such a good thing to see every party representative erecting their flags without any hassle, saying that is commendable and shows that our young democracy is aging.

MEC will conduct by-elections on March 30 in seven constituencies and two Wards in the country.

About 53, 000 voters are expected to cast their votes in Karonga Northwest Constituency.