16-hour meeting not enough to end teachers’ strike


The meeting between Teachers’ representatives and government officials that lasted for about sixteen hours centred on finding lasting solutions to the ongoing strife between government and teachers.

Reports Malawi24 has been following indicate that government maintained its stance on rubbishing teachers’ claim for risk allowances at the meeting.

The position by government saw TUM president, Willy Malimba, also standing his ground that he would not call off the industrial action teachers are conducting in the country.

This, according to sources, compelled the government side to use force by among others intimidating Malimba with threats that should he fail to endorse his signature on a letter directing teachers to resume work, they would deal with him.

“But, Malimba insisted that he would rather face the wrath set aside for him than signing a document before government honors teachers’ plea,” said the source.

“Malimba was locked up in a room. He spent some hours there I can confirm that they’ve released him just a while ago, around maiden hours.”

Teachers in the county are staying away from their duties in pursuit of demands for government to give them risk allowances and personal protective equipment amid covid-19 surge.

The industrial action which is in its second week has been fueled further by government’s lack of commitment to address the issue.

Ministers of Education and Information are on record, respectively, describing teachers as officers who do not deserve risk allowances but a first priority on vaccine.

The remarks are irksome to teachers who are describing them as utter mockery.

Meanwhile, education advocates have called upon the two sides to bang heads and find solutions to the ongoing impasse.

Some legislators have also vowed to boycott parliamentary deliberations until the situation is sorted out.