DPP says teachers deserve risk allowances


The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) says teachers should be given Covid-19 risk allowances just like other workers.

DPP legislator Joseph Mathyola Mwanamvekha for Chiradzulu South who is also the party’s spokesperson in Parliament made the remarks today in response to the budget review statement delivered on Friday by Minister of Finance Felix Mlusu.

Mwanamvekha faulted the Government for not including allowances for teachers in the 2020/21 national budget.

“We, on this side of the isle were shocked with the inconsistency and contradictory remarks by the Minister on the government side indicating that Teachers are not at risk and therefore they do not deserve getting risk allowances and on the other hand she is saying teachers will be the first ones to get vaccinated as they are at risk! Madam Speaker, this is contradictory and baffling! To be realistic and fair, Madam Speaker, teachers deserve risk allowance the same as our men and women in uniform,” said Mwanamvekha.

His remarks come as teachers are on strike, demanding government to give them risk allowances.

Earlier today, Presidential Press Secretary Brian Banda urged teachers to understand the direction given by scientists that the teachers are not at high risk to Covid-19.

He added that President Lazarus Chakwera expect teachers to understand these issues and hopes that schools will re-re-open.



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