Concerned UTM diehards set for massive anti-government demos in Mzuzu


Some concerned UTM diehards have disclosed that preparations for anti-government demonstrations slated for Friday are at an advanced stage.

Among some of the  reasons for holding the protests include, but are not limited to nepotism, favoritism and poor governance.

According to organizers of the event, things in Malawi, under the current administration, are worsening and the leadership is showing no commitment to solve pertinent issues.

One of the spearheading leaders for the grouping, Mzondi Mkandawire, confirmed in an interview that the demonstrations are on this coming Friday.

“We’re calling upon all concerned Malawians to join us. This is for a common good. The betterment of our country,” he said.

Mkandawire who is a UTM diehard further highlighted that the move is aimed at proving to the country that in UTM there are no handclappers.

In a separate interview, Frank Mwenifumbo, UTM publicity secretary, distanced the party from the impending demonstrations.

Meanwhile, the development has divided opinions in the city. While others are supporting the move, others are describing it as a haste.