Mtambo engages victims of MCP atrocities


Minister of Civic Education and National Unity Timothy Mtambo on Wednesday held a meeting with returnees and detainees who suffered atrocities and injustice during the one party regime between 1964 and 1994.

This comes after the detainees announced plans to camp at Capital Hill for a month if government fails to compensate them.

In his remarks, Mtambo appreciated the detainees’ approach and sympathized with them. The minister assured the returnees and detainees that the Tonse government will do everything possible to make sure their grievances are heard.

Mtambo and other participants during the meeting

He also assured them of maximum engagement on any burning issues which falls under his ministry’s jurisdiction.

“My ministry has bigger role to play in healing wounds of victims of political suffrage,” he explained

The victims have been seeking assistance from different authorities and previous regimes.

They have been complaining that the past regimes have failed to honor them with compensation over their victimization under one party rule.

They also said that they had been forced to accept settlement places which were not in their favor because they wanted to settle where their families were.

The grouping of returnees and detainees has 23 thousand members who suffered detention without trial as they were perceived to be “rebels”. They suffered inhumane and degrading treatment in prisons, unfair termination of employment and loss of property and life.