Tay Grin is ours – South Africans

South Africa wants to snatch multi-award winning musician Tay Grin from Malawi having labelled him as their own recently.

The Nyau King was recognised as a South African artist on Wednesday, when a music video he was featured on aired on Trace Africa Television.

When the video for One more touch, a song by Uganda’s Bebe Cool featuring the Malawian flag carrier, was played on the content provider, it was indicated as a product by South African musicians.

In reaction to the news, Tay has only trivialized the issue. The Proudly African album cook could not control his laughter when he heard the news.

One More Touch was unleashed in 2017. It is one of the noisy international collaborations involving the Malawian star.

Tay Grin is one of a few Malawian musicians whose songs air on international content providers. Other musicians are Gwamba, Fredokiss, and Zani Challe.