We do not have information on corruption cases – State House

State House says concerns over progress of high profile corruption cases are valid but the presidency does not have information regarding the cases because the Malawi Police and the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) are working independently.

Recently, there have been concerns over the delay to prosecute politicians, businesspersons and public officers arrested since July over corruption.

Responding to a question over the progress of the cases, Director of Communications at State House Sean Kampondeni said the Chakwera administration already provided the necessary resources to the Police and ACB to arrest and prosecute suspects without influence.

“It is now not reasonable for the president to be responsible for providing updates on the corruption cases because it is not his job and he already stated that the state agencies will be working independently,” said Kampondeni.

He then urged Malawians who are concerned over the delay of the cases to ask the police and the ACB because they are the responsible agencies.

On calls for the firing of public officers suspected of committing crimes, Kampondeni said there are laws which provide guidance on the firing of public officers.

According to Kampondeni, the president is receiving guidance from the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs on such issues.

Since Chakwera became president in June, several officials from the previous administration have been arrested over abuse of office. Most of those arrested were later granted bail. These include former presidential bodyguard Norman Chisale, former minister Henry Mussa and former Director of State Residences Peter Mukhito.



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