Mtambo urges voters in Karonga Central to get rid of political prostitutes


The self-acclaimed Commander In-chief for the Citizen for Transformation (CFT) Timothy Mtambo on Saturday invaded Karonga Central Constituency where he urged voters to get rid of political prostitutes.

Mtambo held two rallies to drum up support for the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) candidate Leonard Mwalwanda for the November 10 by-election.

Clad in his traditional mark CFT attire, Mtambo repeatedly said the movement that was established to fight the lethal Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) regime will not relent but campaign vigorously for a development conscious Mwalwanda, saying time has come for the area to get rid of political prostitutes who have offered nothing for so long.

Speaking at Lughali primary school after Lwasho rally, the Commander In-chief said as a peace, unity and development loving person, he would not stoop so low to come to Karonga central and cheat his fellow compatriots.

He said: “I have never supported a losing team in my life. Therefore, I will see to it that Mwalwanda goes to Parliament”.

“This area needs development. As our traditional leader has already alluded to, the school blocks over there are in dilapidated form, people need potable water, people need stocks of maize in Admarc depots. People good road infrastructure and the only hope and answer to all these developmental needs is Mwalwanda.

“These other people who are masquerading have changed political goal posts but have failed miserably to bring change in terms of development. Therefore, time has come for you to elect a Parliamentarian who will be channeling your needs directly to the President.”

On his part, Alliance for Democracy (AFORD) vice president Green Lulilo Mwamondwe told the gathering to vote for an energetic, well-mannered and fresh minded Mwalwanda.

Speaking earlier on, village headman Mwalughali asked government to rehabilitate the two classrooms at Lughali primary school which are inhabitable, saying with schools set to open next week amid Covid-19 preventive measures, it will be a challenge for the 1000 learners a the facility.

Taking his turn, the aspiring candidate Mwalwanda assured the gathering that his focus remains portable water, vibrant health system to achieve universal health coverage for all, revamping the agriculture sector to make sure that food is available throughout the year and making sure that schools have enough teaching and learning materials to reduce ignorance.

In attendance at both political rallies was the grouping of about 20 CFT members led by their vice chairperson Henry Nyambose who few weeks ago dumped CFT for UTM Party candidate Frank Mwenifumbo.