I was 12 when he wanted to rape me


Mbumba details her experience when she was nearly defiled when she was 12. She shared her experience on a Facebook post. Here is her story:

When I was 12, there was this man who gave me hell trying to sleep with me.

See I came of age at 10 years old…..I bloomed so early that I looked way older than most of my age mates, that didn’t take away the fact that I was just a child.

This man, was well to do, drove a fancy car, and would buy his children very fancy toys and at times I would envy them so much because my parents would sometimes decline my requests for expensive toys.

One day as I was walking back home from a friend’s house, he pulled up and greeted me with a warm smile. He asked me to hop in as we were headed the same direction, I didn’t even second guess his intentions because we lived in the same neighborhood, he was friends with my parents as well.

When I got in he asked me how school was, I was delighted to share with him the subjects that gave me problems most and he offered to help me with them.

I jokingly mocked him and said “But you’re not a teacher” then he said “I can be a teacher for a beautiful girl like you” then I got awkwardly silent, because in my head I was like “what the hell!!!!!!”

Then I realized he began driving slowly, all doors were locked, and turned down the music. He began to say and I quote.

“Why are you wearing this trouser, ndiyeno ndikugwila bwanji ntchafu zakozo” I got speechless, and the minute as I was about to utter a word he grabbed my newly sprouted breast and pinched it’s nipple. My heart sunk, and I really couldn’t understand what had happened to me. As a young girl who just came of age I was told if a man touched me I would get pregnant, and at that instant I thought I got pregnant, I began asking myself how I would tell my mother what happened to me, I was so confused.

He then said, “don’t tell anyone about this, here is some money, and I will buy you the new PSP I know you want it”

I refused to get the money, and asked him to stop the car immediately and that I will just walk home…..he begged me to take the money and shouted back saying “No! If I want money, my mother will give it to me” I jumped out of that moving car like a mad girl and began running home, till i got there.

When my parents came home from work I went to talk to my mother, I was terrified of what she would say, but she was my best friend and she needed to know what happened to me. When I explained everything to her she got furious, and said “ndithana naye ameneyu” she then stormed out and walked to his house at 8 in the evening, I kid you not. I have no idea how that went. But when she came back she told me never to go to his house ever again to play with his kids.

Now I have shared this story because alot of you are handling this MASM rapist issue like it’s a joke and it raises concern…but listen here, you must always defend the Victim never the Perpetrator. Rapists will show you signs, don’t ignore them. This man harrased me, but his intentions were surely to rape, had it been my mother hadn’t called him out, he would have done worse things to me in the long run. Please believe these girls when they tell you their stories, don’t ask them silly questions like unavala chani, you’ll only torment them further, they’ll break.

#SaveOurChildren #JusticeForRapeVictims
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