Chakwera attacks BBC

President Lazarus Chakwera has attacked the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

Chakwera through press secretary Brian Banda has lashed out at the international media house over his one million jobs promise.

On Monday, Chakwera declared that the government can only employ 200,000 people and on Tuesday, the BBC reported that the Malawi leader has backtracked on his promise to create one million jobs.

“President Chakwera said the government could not create jobs on its own and needed the private sector’s help.

“He said every entrepreneur needed to employ more people,” the BBC reported.

Following the publication of the news story, the State House came guns blazing with Banda describing the news story as false and a clear misrepresentation of Chakwera’s remarks.

According to Banda, Chakwera’s remarks meant that job creation is not confined to the public sector but also involves the private sector with the government creating policies to stimulate the job creation.

“As such, the president was clearly explaining how and where his administration will create 1 million jobs, not backtracking on the promise to do so,” said Banda.

The promise to create 1 million jobs in the first year in power was one of the key promises of the Tonse Alliance which won the 2020 Presidential Elections in June.


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