Mulanje police for tight border security


Police in Mulanje have  agreed to work hand in hand with Milange Police in Mozambique to make sure that there is tight security at the borders between the countries.

The development follows the incident where Mozambicans assaulted to death a Malawian man in August this year. The Malawian was alleged to have had a hand on the death of a Mozambican child.

Malawi and Mozambican Police

Mulanje Police Officer In – Charge, Edwin Magalasi on Wednesday, October 7, 2020 held a meeting with his counterpart, Filipe Gulele of Milange Police in Mozambique.

Magalasi said when there is good relationship it becomes easy for the two police formations to share information on security issues.

“It is good that we enhance good relationship between the two of us so that we properly ensure security for people of the two districts. I am personally committed to cementing and maintaining the relationship and it is my hope that our counterpart will also commit to this,” Magalasi said.

On Malawians suspected to have committed crimes in Mozambique, Magalasi asked his counterpart to advise people to avoid assaulting such suspects.

He was referring to the incident in August this year when a Malawians man was alleged to have had a hand in the death of a Mozambican child. After the incident, some Mozambicans crossed over to Malawi and killed the suspect who had fled after allegedly committing the offence.

On this note, Magalasi said his office was ready to arrest and hand over such suspects and asked people to avoid taking the law into their hands.

“There are situations when a Malawian commits an offence here and goes back home. I ask you to advise your people not to cross over and kill such suspects but instead, inform us so that we can arrest and handover the suspect to you,” he observed.

On his part, Commandant de Milange, Filipe Gulele praised the meeting saying it raised very important issues. He concurred with Magalasi saying good relationship was crucial in combating crime between the two boarder districts.

“Our border is porous and criminals take advantage of that. This therefore indeed calls for good working relationship between the two of us so that we combat crime,” Gulele said.

He observed that sometimes people steal goods in Mozambique and sell in Malawi and vice versa saying there was need to enhance information sharing.

During the meeting, the two officers also agreed to work together in protecting persons with albinism.