Police, Social welfare dissolves initiation camp in Thyolo


Police in Thyolo have dissolved an initiation camp at Nkolokosa village in the area of Trading Authority Nchilamwera in Thyolo where 10 boys were expected to undergo traditional circumcision.

Speaking in an interview with Malawi24, coordinator for the community policing in Thyolo assistant superintendent Dan Nsangwa said police in conjunction with officials from Social welfare and district hospital went to the village where they confirmed the matter and rescued the boys from the malpractice.

“It was last week when we were tipped off that in the village of Nkolokosa some children have been sent to initiation ceremony camp so we consulted with Senior Chief Nchilamwera and he was dismayed to hear that as he was not aware.

“And chiefs also said they did not allow initiators to conduct the initiation ceremony saying they were instructed by the government not allow such act amid covid-19. So we invited parents and Namkungwis who rebuffed our invitation, therefore we joined hands with social welfare and went to the initiation camp and took out the children from the camp,” said Nsangwa.

He added that it is unlawful to conduct initiation ceremonies as schools are about to resume this coming week. He then warned that those concerned with the matter will face the law.

Meanwhile, the initiators have been granted police bail awaiting trial for keeping children without permission as other children went there without parents’ consent.

The District Social Welfare Officer, Dereck Mwenda confirmed to have done that operational on Monday and said that lack enough the children were not yet circumcised by that time.

Commenting on the matter, senior chief Nchilamwera condemned the development saying that soon after the country recorded first cases of covid-19, he warned his village Headmen not to allow such acts in their areas, and that anyone found doing so, will get punishment.

He then called upon fellow Traditional Authorities in the country to strictly observe the rules and regulations on Covid-19.

Schools in the country were closed in March 2020 to contain the spread of corona virus and some classes resumed last month.




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  1. 453 males died of circumcision in just one province of South Africa in a seven year period, and there were also 214 pen-le amputations. Google “ulwaluko” for gruesome photos of the results. The sooner this bizarre and outdated tradition dies out, the better. No-one becomes a man by having parts of their manhood cut off anyway.

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