Pray for me my soul is in danger – Phyzix


The dust is refusing to settle down in entertainment industry as Cholapitsa star Phyzix has asked people to pray for him saying his soul is in danger.

In a now deleted Facebook post, Phyzix on Friday said there is a person looking to destroy him.

Phyzix’s Facebook post

Phyzix said: “I have tried but I’m failing to forgive a certain person who has done me wrong, I normally forgive fast and wish people well but this one I’m failing. This person want to destroy me and everything I have worked for, this is a person I want to see suffer,” said Phyzix real name Noel Chikoleka.

Rumours are making rounds that Phyzix has also pulled down all photos of his wife Ruth on Facebook.

This comes days after another musician Janta posted on his WhatsApp status that his wife had gone away with his child. Two days later, he confirmed that he is no longer together with his wife.


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  1. I will pray for you boss if you got time i can help some extra staff people are evil

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