Ministry of Health pledges to protect pregnant women’s privacy in hospitals


Minister of Health and Population Khumbize Kandodo Chiponda says the ministry is committed to fighting against maternal deaths and will also ensure that pregnant women have privacy in hospitals.

Kandodo said this at Ufulu gardens in Lilongwe on Thursday after White Ribbon Alliance presented its report on maternal health.

The study was conducted to find out issues that women are facing when accessing health services in health centres across the country.

Researchers interviewed 84 thousand of women and among the findings, lack of privacy was outlined as a major challenge that pregnant women encounter during deliverance.

Speaking with reporters, Chiponda commended the organization for working tirelessly in supporting and fighting for women’s rights as well as welfare of the women in the country.

“Despite the issue of privacy, the women have also talked about issue of hygiene and water sanitation which need to be addressed.

“Government will look into these issues, as we are aware that as government we cannot get there due to financial challenge but at least we should have a progress,” she explained.

She added that the ministry will ensure that women’s privacy is protected at any cost and that the ministry will continue working in collaboration with organizations such as White Ribbon Alliance to ensure the welfare of women and young mothers.

In his remarks, White Ribbon Alliance Executive Director Hester Mkwinda Nyasulu said the issue of lack of privacy has been a setback because people fail to accompany their partners to health facilities.

He went on to say that there is an increase of home deliveries because women feel that the only place where they can be respected during delivery is at home.

He then said that the organization is committed to working with government through the Ministry of Health by raising resources and conducting different activities that will promote welfare of the women in the country.